Phenomenal is the word that comes to mind when I think of Ken! I’ve had the pleasure of benefitting from Ken’s extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry and exemplary customer service.

I met in Ken in 2005, during the purchase of my first home. Ken was the seller’s real estate agent…yes,
the seller’s agent. I encountered a few challenges after I moved into my new home. My agent was nowhere to be found. It was Ken who ensured the seller addressed those challenges in a timely manner.

I was so impressed with Ken’s professionalism that I contacted him for the sale of my home in 2010. The sale was no regular sale….it was a short sale with 2 banks involved. The short sale was the only option I had as I was a victim of predatory lending. During this time, I was also fighting to survive from pregnancy induced heart failure, a single Mom, and seeking employment in the midst of a legal case against my employer. Short sales are extremely stressful and can be very time consuming. Ken did a phenomenal job negotiating with the banks, keeping me informed, clearly articulating every step along the way, and keeping my best interest in the forefront.

In 2014, I contacted Ken to assist me with the entering the housing market. He leveraged his knowledge of the market along with the features, location, and price I had conveyed to locate a beautiful townhouse that my daughter and I are enjoying to this day!!!

Thank you, Ken, for being a phenomenal real estate agent!!! I will always choose and highly recommend you!!!